Repair Brooken or Crack Bathroom Tiles

Repair Broken or Cracked Bathroom Tiles

Broken or cracked bathroom tiles that are set over drywall are difficult to replace because the drywall is usually damaged and is in need of repair. You will have to remove the damage drywall from one stud to another (between studs) so you can install new backer board from one stud to the other stud. I like to use cement board because it protect much better against water leakage and highly resistant in mold build up.

TIP: For cracked or broken tiles set into cement (before 1960) it would be better to have a professional tile man repair the area. You may call me at 917 865-8693, if you run into trouble or need addition help with tile repair.

Before you replace anything, check to see if mold exist. Mold can bleed through you newly installed backer board and grout. Use some bleach to kill the mold that can be located on the wooden studs and surrounding area.

If a single tile has been cracked or chipped, you can usually repair it. To replace the damaged tile, dig out the grout around the tile with a special tool called a grout saw or a utility knife. Shatter the broken tile into small pieces by hitting it with a hammer and a masonry chisel. Wear safety glasses, pieces may go flying. Pry out the pieces and scrape off the grout and adhesive with a scraper or putty knife. If drywall is under the tile, be careful not to dig into it. Clean out all the debris and get the surface as clean as possible.

Dry fit the new tile to be installed. What it doesn’t fit? Very often the new tile will not fit easily even if it is the same tile that was originally installed. If you file down all four sides of the tile, it will fit. You can use a tile setter’s stone or even the cement on your side walk to file-down each side. Install the new tile by applying tile glue. You could buy a small bucket of glue for repair jobs. Place glue in back of tile and install into the area. If tile stick out too much, remove tile and take some glue off and try again. If tile is sunk in too much, remove it and add glue and try again.

When you’re finished, add grout and wait about 4 hours to dry. If the replaced tile is located in the shower or tub area, wait 24 hours before you shower or bathe.